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Welcome to SANDeploy
Thank you for visiting SANDeploy global, we provide a series of high performance, high availability and reliable iSCSI diskless boot and iSCSI target solutions for any size of business. SANDeploy provides a very simple way that let users to build an iSCSI target or iSCSI boot server for diskless boot just by clicking mouse button for several times and without any extra hardware needed.
SANDeploy iSCSI diskless boot solution is the most worthy to have, which provides diskless boot solutions for any size of business, allows to build iSCSI target or iSCSI boot server in less than 1 minute, fast diskless boot Windows XP in 7 seconds, and fast diskless boot Windows 7 in 10 seconds.
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Fast and robust iSCSI Boot server
Load balance and failover.
Fast diskless boot Windows and Linux from iSCSI target.
Working with existing network.
Over 5 years on the market.
High Performance iSCSI Target
High performance and high availability.
Multi-Targets, Multi-LUNs Multi-Connections.
Works on Cluster, ESX, XEN and storage centralization.
Virtual Machine Friendly
Virtual machine's guest OS can boot directly from iSCSI.
Works on VMware Workstation, VMware ESX/ESXi, Virtual PC, Virtual Server and Hyper-V.
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