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SANDeploy Boot Server fully supports diskless boot of 
Windows 7 in version 2.20

2011-08-04 - SANDeploy announced today release of new End-user version of SANDeploy Boot Server. Version 2.20 comes with many great new features that will help any company to get the fullest out of theirs diskless boot solutions. Since the earliest version of Boot Server, SANDeploy was providing the highest quality software at the competitive price. New features that SANDeploy Boot Server supports are:

  • Multiple configuration support for Windows 7
  • Multiple NICs in one boot image support for Windows 7
  • VMware VMDK disk support
  • Partition support

Those features add full support of Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Now user won’t have any problems performing diskless boot to Windows 7 using SANDeploy software. Windows 7, as still the newest operating system from Microsoft, comes with many great solutions that allow user to get the best possible experience out of his computer. Combining Windows 7, with newest Boot Server allows for even faster boot times and higher performance.

SANDeploy Boot Server is a iSCSI boot server as well as iSCSI Target designed to work under Microsoft Windows. Thanks to its features, user can easily convert any Windows based machine into a Multi-Target, Multi-LUN with Multi-Connection Diskless Boot iSCSI SAN server in just under 5 minutes. It characterizes with intuitive user interface, so that any user can create a Boot SAN Server with just several mouse clicks. Among features that allow diskless boot, SANDeploy boot server features:

  • Simple-to-install loadable software
  • Windows GUI control application Integrated into Microsoft Management Console(MMC)
  • Full compliance with RFC 3720
  • CHAP Support, including Mutual Authentication
  • Multiple Connections per Session
  • Multiple Targets
  • Multiple LUNs & Multiple Lun device types per Target
  • Multiple Target device types
  • Built-in iSCSI CD/DVD-ROM emulator
  • Built-in iSCSI virtual disk emulator
  • Support for x86 and x64 machines
  • High Speed Caching
  • Standard Image Disk (.img)
  • Physical Disk
  • Partition support
  • VMware VMDK disk support
  • Built-in DHCP,TFTP and management tool for iSCSI Boot
  • Rapid DHCP configuration (without DHCP discovery requires)
  • Support and built-in a series of popular network adapter drivers
  • Quick installation and deployment tools for iSCSI boot client
  • Add multiple configuration support for Windows 7
  • Support 64-bit LBA, Greater than 2 T Bytes Disk Support
  • Mirroring and remote synchronous replication
  • Failover and High-availability iSCSI SAN
  • CDP (Continuous DATA protection) / Snapshots
  • Multiple Boot Server Clustering and Load Balancing
  • Add multiple NICs in one boot image support for Windows 7
  • Maximum number of Concurrent iSCSI Connections

SANDeploy International Limited (SANDeploy) is an information technology services company based in London, United Kingdom, which provides hardware and software services to enable its clients to gain the highest strategic, financial, operational, and organizational benefits. It is SANDeploy’s goal to enable companies to be more responsive, productive, and resilient through business technologies. SANDeploy is focused on R&D storage systems and software to maintain production in iSCSI and NAS related hardware and software.

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