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Feature Version Requires
Simple-to-install loadable software All
Windows GUI control application Integrated into Microsoft Management Console(MMC). All
Full compliance with RFC 3720 All
CHAP Support, including Mutual Authentication All
Multiple Connections per Session All
Multiple Targets All
Multiple LUNs & Multiple Lun device types per Target All
Multiple Target device types All
Built-in iSCSI CD/DVD-ROM emulator. All
Built-in iSCSI virtual disk emulator. All
Support for x86 and x64 machines. All
High Speed Caching All
Standard Image Disk (.img) All
Physical Disk All
Partition support All
VMware VMDK disk support All
Built-in DHCP,TFTP and management tool for iSCSI Boot. Boot
Rapid DHCP configuration (without DHCP discovery requires) Boot
Support and built-in a series of popular network adapter drivers Boot
Quick installation and deployment tools for iSCSI boot client Boot
Add multiple configuration support for Windows 7 Boot
Support 64-bit LBA, Greater than 2 T Bytes Disk Support Enterprise
SPTI (SCSI PASS THROUGH INTERFACE) device support Enterprise
Mirroring and remote synchronous replication Enterprise
Failover and High-availability iSCSI SAN Enterprise
CDP (Continuous DATA protection) / Snapshots Enterprise
Multiple Boot Server Clustering and Load Balancing Enterprise Boot
Add multiple NICs in one boot image support for Windows 7 Enterprise Boot
Maximum number of Concurrent iSCSI Connections Customizable
Background line 3 SANDeploy Applications Background line 4
Application Version Requires
iSCSI SAN for VMware ESX / ESXi All
iSCSI SAN for Citrix XEN Server All
Linux open-iscsi Support All
Multiple OS support (Client side Netware, MACOS X, Solaris) All
iSCSI SAN for Windows Server 2003 & 2008 Clustering All
Microsoft iSCSI Boot initiator Support (use MS iSCSI initiator boot Windows) Boot
Background line 4 Note Background line 5
All: All types of editions support this feature.
Enterprise: Enterprise, Enterprise Boot edition support this feature.
Boot: Boot, Enterprise Boot edition support this feature.
Enterprise Boot: Only Enterprise boot edition support this feature.
Customizable: User can customize this feature when purchasing this product.

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