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For better serving partners, we provide bare solution includes: SDK, SDK with Source code, that can help partner to create their own solutions, below are briefs for the components of SANDeploy core technoliogies:

Core Technologies
The core tecnologies is whole software stack for diskless boot, that includes, iSCSI Server (Target), TFTP Server, and DHCP/BootP Server on server side and Cache, SSDCache, BootIBFT, BootPNP components on client side, those are first hand of 100% own-developed by SANDeploy team, that means the codes are not based on any open source project.

iSCSI Target
The iSCSI Server (Target) provides server side iSCSI protocol implements and support many type of mediums, such as image files, vhd, vmdk, partition, physical disk etc, and also support enterprise level features such as HA (load-banlance) and snapshots. ISCSI Target souce code will contains all or part of the project by the deamones of partners.

Memory only tftp server for providing diskless boot rom. TFTP souce code will contains full part of this compoent.

Offer fast dhcp/bootp service to offer diskless boot service. DHCP/Bootp souce code will contains full part of this compoent.

Management tool
Its what user can see. We don’t provide management tool source code in principle, but we provide full API (SDK) and samples for partners.

Platform transform layer
The platform transform layer is the component that enables the above components (iSCSI Server, TFTP, DHCP/Bootp) to be working on both Windows and Linux. Platform transform layer souce code will contains full part of this compoent or not by the deamones of partners.

Working in kernel mode of client machine and boot with Operation system, client can saving boot OS data into local smaller SSD drive for fast booting and reduce the server pressure.

BootIBFT / BootPNP
Working in kernel mode of Client machine that is necessary for diskless boot.

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