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Does SANDeploy support STPI function and can I use Symantec Backup Exec?

While creating virtual volumes, there an option called STPI device, you can use this option to create a tape bridged device so that client machines can use your tapejust like a locally attached tape device.  However you need to limit the packet size to 65536 at the initiator side, please follow these steps:

1. Open registry editor, open the key:
please note the 0000 key may be 0001, 0002 etc.

2. Find a key - You need to look for DriverDesc key with value "Microsoft iSCSI Initiator".

3. Modify the following key values:

  • FirstBurstLength: 65536 (Decimal)

  • MaxBurstLength: 65536 (Decimal)

  • MaxRecvDataSegmentLength: 65536 (Decimal)

  • MaxTransferLength: 65536 (Decimal)

  • 4. Close the registry editor and restart the computer.

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