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How to improve performance for iSCSI transmission and diskless booting?

You can use the following four ways to improve the performance:

1. TCP/IP Stack optimize

Change the following TCP parameters in the registry:


a) GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize = 0x01400000 (DWORD)
b) TcpWindowSize = 0x01400000 (DWORD)
c) Tcp1323Opts = 3 (DWORD)
d) SackOpts = 1 (DWORD)

2. Enable 9K jumbo frames for your GBE adapters:

    • Go to Network Connections
    • Right-Click on the LAN connection > Properties
    • Click on Configure > Advance Tab
    • Select jumbo frame from the list
    • On the right right select Max Value (Default value is 4K)
    • Click ok and reset your LAN connection (Disable and Enable)

3. Remove useless portal addresses from SANDeploy Server:

  • Right click on the SANDeploy iSCSI SAN node in the SANDeploy Management Console and select Properties.
  • In the popped up dialog, uncheck unused IP address and press the OK button.

4.  Disable useless services to get more performance for diskless booting:

  • In the third step of SANDeploy Client Configuration, you can select a serials of services to disable, you can also disable these services in the service management tool.

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