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Background Line 4 PXE Diskless iSCSI Boot - Install Windows Vista on to iSCSI SAN Background Line 5

Once the SANDeploy Boot Server is ready for diskless booting, we can boot Windows from SANDeploy iSCSI Boot SAN .

The installation process is the same as Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008. Please make sure to use the installation media of Windows Vista with at least Service Pack 1. The original DVD without Service Pack don't include iSCSI disk. Even if you  will succeed with starting the installation with bypassing that check, For example, booting the PE by using the Windows Server 2008 DVD. You won't be able to finish instalation. The reason for this is that the setup program in the original media won't install the NIC driver after copying the files. Thus resulting in  partial installed but unbootable operating system. Every time you try to boot it, you'll see an error message.

Step 1. Change bios settings, to make network boot as the first one booting device.

Step 2. Inset Windows setup DVD into DVD-ROM drive.

Step 3. Restart Computer.

When you added this client to workstation list, you will get better performance while booting, there will no DHCP phase.

Windows Vista setup is starting.


Entering Windows Vista logo.

Begin installing Windows Vista.

Press the Install now button to start installing Windows Vista.

Select disk to install Windows Vista.

Click the Drive options (advanced) link to partition the disk as you like, otherwise press the Next button to continue.

Now Windows Vista setup is copying files.

Windows Vista setup is finished.

After copy files step complete, restart computer and boot from SANDeploy iSCSI SAN again.

Type user name and password.

Press the Next button to continue.

Specify computer name.

Type computer name in the input box, when you want to boot multiple servers, the name will be modified automatically.

Installing of Windows Vista is now finished.

After launching the device manager, you will see the SANDeploy iSCSI disk in the Disk Drivers group.

Now, the Windows is ready for use.

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