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Right click on the SANDeploy iSCSI SAN tree node on the left tree of SANDeploy Management Console, the SANDeploy iSCSI SAN Properties dialog appears.
Change to the BOOT Server page.

1.Boot Mode

There are four type of boot mode that user can choose:

Anonymous booting(external DHCP).
User can choose this mode when the workgroup already have a DHCP server, diskless boot workstations will use the IP assigned by external DHCP server.

Automatically add workstation (External DHCP).
The same to first one, but SANDeploy will save the record for each workstation so that they will boot fast after the second boot time.

Automatically add workstation (Built-In DHCP).
User can choose this mode when want to use SANDeploy to manage IP address for workstations, discard the other DHCP server.

Manually add workstation (Built-In DHCP).
User must manually add each workstation record, a workstation without record in SANDeploy Boot Server won't be started.

In the General page, user can select one IP and specify a port to be used by SANDeploy Server TCP/IP service binding. Any indicate binding all Ethernet interface. By default, the port for iSCSI is 3260.

2. Client Settings

Client settings will overwrite the TCP/IP, computer settings for each workstation.

Gateway - The default gateway value for workstations.
DNS Server
- The default DNS Server value for workstations.
Host Name
- User can specify a host name prefix and ID length for each workstations, for example, if the prefix is SANDP, and ID Len is 3, the computer name will be SANDP001,SANDP002...
Start IP Address
- The build-in DHCP will assign an IP address for workstation start from this IP.
End IP Address
- The built-in DHCP server will assign an IP address for workstation before the end of this IP, if no IP available, the workstation won't start.
IP Mask
- The default IP Mask value for workstations.
Boot IQN
- Set the default target name for workstations log on.
Save Data Mode
- The the default setting of workstation save data mode:

Automatically reset data after boot
When workstation boot with normal permission, the server will automatically recovery the data to original, all changes from the latest boot.

Persistently save data for clients
When workstation boot with normal permission, the server will persistently save data for these workstations, but please be sure of disk free space is enough.

Press the Apply or OK Button to save settings.

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