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1. Add Workstation

Right click the Boot Server node on the left tree of the SANDeploy Management Console. From the pop-up menu select the Add Workstation... menu item. The Add Workstation dialog appears.

trusty client

Host Name - represent the computer name of this workstation.
IP Address
- represent the IP address of this workstation.
IP Mask
- represent the IP mask of this workstation.
MAC Address
- user need to copy or input the real MAC address value that the workstation's active network adapter.
- represent the iSCSI target that workstation will boot from.
- represent the permission that the workstation have, Normal means it have read and write-back right, Operator means it have full read write permission.

Persistent save data for this client - represent if the server will save write-back data or reset when re-log on.

Press the OK button to add or press the Cancel button to discard.

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