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User need to create an iSCSI target so that the client machines can access virtual volumes via iSCSI protocol, one iSCSI target can hold as max as 16 virtual volumes, each volume will become a LUN for the target.

Follow the steps below to create an iSCSI target:

Step 1.  Select Virtual Volumes

Right click the iSCSI Targets node on the left tree of the SANDeploy Management Console. From the pop-up menu select the Create Target... menu item, the Create iSCSI Target Wizard appears.

Select the volume in the Available Volumes box, and then press the > button to add it to the Selected Volumes box.

Press the Next button to continue.

Step 2.  Select CHAP Groups

If CHAP is needed, please visit User Management and Group Management, otherwise select the special group Anonymous to Administrator's group.

The CHAP user that initiator will use it for logging on, once the user 's group have been added to administrator's group, the initiator will get operator (read-write) permission.
If nothing selected, the access permission will depend on the workstation items in Boot Server.

Press the > button to add one or more groups.

Press the Next button to continue.

Step 3.  Specify Target Name

Type a target name or leave the default.

Press Finish button  to complete iSCSI target creating.

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