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In the SANDeploy Management Console, select Virtual Volume node in the left tree. Click ' Properties' on the pop-up menu of one existing volume, Disk Volume Properties (or CD-ROM Volume Properties) dialog appears. User can set the volume's parameter as follows:

1. General

Description - The volume description for helping user to remember.

2. Cache Settings

Check "Enable high speed cache on this volume" if user want to enable cache on the volume.

Cache size in MBs - specify cache size, the minimum size is 64 MB.
Cache block expiry period time in ms - specify cache refresh time in millisecond.

3. Write-Back Setting

Check "Enable write-back cache for this volume" if user want to enable write-back on the volume.

Folder - specify a folder path for temporally saving data for workstations that have normal permission.
Quote - specify the maximum size in MBs for each workstations.


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